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How to Adjust your services when moving- Simplified

What to Do when You Change Your Residence

Published / by Kyle Mills

People move around all the time out of numerous reasons. However, when you move, you’ll have to pay attention to several details regarding your bills, utilities, and documents. You can’t change your address without notifying the authorities, not to mention that you’ll have to close the existing contracts for the services you get there.

Because of this, when you think about your necessities in your new residence, you’ll want to have access to TV, a broadband connection, and phone services. You might have your mobile phone with you, but you’ll still need the others. Some people work from home, and without the internet, they can’t do anything.

Because of this, let’s see how you can find a solution for getting cable and broadband services.

Your Old Provider

When you leave the former house, you need to notify the cable provider to stop delivering the internet services and cable. Depending on what you have, they’ll give you a month or less in advance before they’ll end the service.

However, before making this move, ask them if they can provide the same services at your new location. Their answer will depend on whether they have the needed equipment in the area because they can’t deliver a service without having a technological base there.

This being said, if it’s possible, they could install their equipment at your new residence at the same price that you used to pay. Sometimes, you might get a discount for this because it can be considered a new contract – it’s a new location for them and also for you, as you are their client already.

A New Provider

If the old provider can’t offer you the same services at your new home, you’ll need to get someone new. The Sky customer service is your best option when you’re changing homes because they have customized packages for everyone. All you’ll have to do is get their contact number and give them a call. Because it is a big company that activates on a wide area, their services are affordable and easy to install. With just a call to their customer service, you’ll find all the info that you need

If you contact them via phone and tell them your location, they will give you an estimated time for when they’ll be able to install the needed equipment.

The Contract

When you call Sky customer service, make sure you tell them what kind of package you need. Sometimes, with a direct call to them, you might find out about special offers that are not listed on their website, and these could be better.

Their customer service will also have to notify you about the details of the contract, and you’ll receive a draft to read it. Don’t skip the contract and sign it directly – you need to make sure that it contains what you have bargained for – price, the number of channels, the dimension of the broadband connection and more. If you need help setting any electronics up with your equipment, try KnowHow also at

If you find clauses that are not accurate, you’ll need to call them and ask the customer service about what it means. If you sign a contract that contains terms that you don’t agree with, if you have a problem later, you won’t be able to solve it correctly. The contract is there to protect you as a customer against any possible unwanted litigation, so read it carefully and don’t sign it until you agree with it.